How to choose a kitchen light

April 29, 2019 By admin 0

Often referred to as ‘the heart of the home’ the kitchen is a place of comfort but also productivity, which often makes the area complex to light. If you take into account all of the activities that happen in the kitchen; family meals, dinner parties with friends and also, perhaps less exciting, cooking and cleaning. There needs to be plenty of lighting provided that is carefully positioned to avoid looking cluttered and over the top. Provide an even and generous spread of light by having sources at different levels of height.

Whether you’re working on a new residential project or refurbishing an existing property, lights can provide the necessary refresh and ensure you are making the most of your kitchen space.

Lighting Advice

Here are our 5 top tips:

  • Add a large ceiling light to the centre of the kitchen as your first source of ambient lighting. This sets the tone for the room and provides a welcoming and relaxing space.
  • Consider the elements within your kitchen: do you have a breakfast or kitchen island? If so, use a cluster of single pendants above the island or breakfast bar. This provides an even distribution of light and looks stylish. Ensure the pendants are matching to avoid clashing.
  • Recessed ceiling lights look fantastic above a kitchen table. These slot in discreetly to ceilings and can be dotted around to provide a general spread of light.
  • The beauty of LED items is that they are extremely efficient and also good value for money. Searchlight’s LED lights all have a guaranteed 3 years of use; the low labour aspect is appealing.
  • Take into account different finishes and styles and how well they will work within your own kitchen.